Choose The Onboarding System For Easy and Effective Work In The Office

As a recruiter, you should probably know that attracting candidates and providing them with positive experiences is more important than ever. However, most recruiters are confused about how to provide this positive experience to candidates, or how to get real-time experience to anticipate candidates. 

Studies show that email open speed is 20 percent, but text messages have a much higher open rate of 98 percent. Good candidate tracking systems offer SMS integration so you can text directly to attract your candidates.

Some onboarding systems offer additional bonuses. This is to track your text activity as part of your communication history with candidates. You can download the best automated onboarding software at to check the complete information about employees.

While as a recruiter you may want to write a great personal letter to each candidate, if you do it with the right frequency for each candidate, you will lose thousands of lives. The solution for such a situation is to use an onboarding system which has the characteristics of a mass delivery tool.

The bulk messaging feature allows you to reach as many candidates as you want with one message. A good onboarding system also uses data from your database, so you can customize any message without extra effort.

Communication with candidates can be weak or documents may be delayed during the process. In the worst case scenario, the candidate will withdraw from joining between bid submission and start date. Using an onboarding system for built-in internal integration to remove documents that can make starting a new job easier is the recruiter's best advice.