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SharePoint, with advanced features and intelligent, has consistently increased its market share in the range of two-digit years. 

With SharePoint, companies can now strategically devised a strategy to centralize their knowledge base, achieve better collaboration, developing applications with SharePoint as a base and is also aware of intelligence about the overall health of their businesses. You can also look for the benefits of SharePoint intranet for best solutions.

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Branding better: Branding is not more complicated, as it used to. Now, every web designer who has expertise in CSS, JavaScript and HTML can comfortably brand SharePoint sites and create an internal website that looks good, public or internal face in a minimum amount of time.

Increased website hosting: Learning the right lessons from its predecessor, SharePoint 2013 has developed new capabilities in the web hosting section, which can be considered as a natural evolution for maturing.

It also includes several features for search engine optimization, including friendly URLs, XML based site map, and search engine optimization settings with a different site collection.

Business Intelligence to be smart: Business Intelligence capabilities have been developed in the 2013 release of SharePoint to make the best choice for businesses and dig deeper analytical insight. Also, there is a tighter integration between SharePoint and Excel, which is the icing on the cake.

Better Mobile Support: Tablets and smartphones are here to stay and make our lives more mobile. SharePoint is home to every kind of business, Microsoft has now overcome the problem of poor SharePoint experience for mobile devices in previous versions, and it is very effective.