Best Foundations For Different Skin Types

I have a pretty tough skin; greasy, open pores, many old scars from mild acne and now- even more desperate – hyperpigmentation – that I get from Turkey on holiday a few years ago. So it is important for me that the foundation has good coverage, as well as the ability to make me look beautiful.

And, being oily skinned and prone to blocked pores and the odd breakout, it is a massive bonus if the product can also be mattifying, non-comedogenic and actually manage to stay on my skin for more than a few hours. However, when searching for 'best foundation, my first priority was' is the best in terms of how it makes me look? Discover this info here to get the best match foundation for your skin type. 

The best foundation for Creating the Natural, Glowing, Youthful, Flawless Effect With Great Coverage

After trying almost every foundation on the planet; I have found some very good contender for this crown. I tried three of the foundation from some online makeup stores. However, of the three; I found that mineral makeup gives the most natural effect; creating the perfect appearance without seeing or feeling as though I am actually wearing makeup at all.


When I feel I need less coverage, I just applied less, which means that I can customize the coverage for different areas of my skin, (ie applying more on my area of hyperpigmentation and scarring). So, in terms of creating a natural and flawless, youthful effect; I found mineral makeup to be the stand-out winner.

This would, in itself, be enough to make my mineral makeup foundation choices; However, mineral makeup has so many other benefits over other makeup; which has become an absolutely no contest choice for me, when it is decided on the basis of the best to use.