All About Permanent Tattoo Removal Techniques

A tattoo design is made by inserting ink or pigment into the layer of the skin. When the tattoo becomes old and starts to fading up, people take the help of permanent tattoo removal techniques to remove the tattoo from the skin.

Permanent tattoo removal is a procedure in which various tools are used to eliminate tattoo from the skin permanently. If you want to get rid of your unwanted tattoo, you may visit


Laser tattoo removal, surgical removal, dermabrasion, non-laser permanent tattoo removal procedure, etc are some common techniques that are used to remove an unwanted tattoo. Some tattoo removal treatments are invasive and some are non-invasive(painless). 

Laser tattoo removal techniques: In the laser tattoo removal procedure, the patient skin is treated with a laser light beam to heat the pigments. Heat breaks out the layer of tattoo ink and starts to leave the skin automatically. Laser tattoo removal technique is quite invasive and causes little pain during treatment because of the heat of laser light.  

Dermabrasion permanent tattoo removal technique: Dermabrasion is an invasive procedure in which rotating tools with chemical gel substances are used to remove the permanent tattoo from the skin.  Dermabrasion is a surgical resurfacing of the outer layer of skin that make tattoo pigment/ink lighten or less visible.