Air Conditioning Service – Is it Essential?

Most AC units will function for many years without maintenance at all, but just like a car with regular service may avoid costly bills when a failure occurs, the same is the case with AC units.

Air conditioning units are very sturdy pieces of equipment. They are manufactured designed with a good quality to survive through all types of ecological conditions. You can get air conditioning repair in Whitby at

Maintenance is often ignored for AC units, but regular servicing can save a lot of money against the costly failure of the entire system.

When an air conditioning unit or heat pump is maintained, it will lose about 5% return each year, it continues to operate. This has serious effects on the load of the unit can manage and make the unity of bad results.

The effectiveness of proper maintenance can be resumed and regular maintenance will keep the demands of the manufacturer. Maintenance costs will be easily recovered by savings in electricity bills and a unit properly maintained cool, heat and dehumidify more effectively.

As an end-user, you are supposed to remove and clean washable inside the evaporator (inside) regularly. Most units have an easy to open the panel with the filter elements directly inside.

The best way to clean them is to keep them underwater from a faucet. Dry the filter before replacing it. Try to clean the filters at least once a month or more often if the unit is used for long periods or the indoor environment is dusty or dirty.