About Modern Glass Art

Modern glass art has been increasingly popular since the 1960s when a more experimental attitude was adopted to work with glass.

Up to this point, the media was used mainly for functional pieces, although some of them were quite decorative.  You can get glass fusing supplies, accessories and tools via ArtGlassSupplies.com

In the 1960s, Littleton, Labino, and Lipofsky were probably the most influential names in the United States in terms of using glass to create purely decorative artwork.

Littleton was responsible for starting the first specialized university program in Wisconsin, with Lipofsky following in California.

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When art has developed, modern glass art has become famous and respected by itself as an art form. Although Seattle has become an area that has gained a high reputation for art and has many prominent glass artists, Murano in Italy will probably always be known as his home.

Glass blowing was originally developed by the Romans and for years the expertise that Venice had dedicated to art was still respected and had provided a solid foundation for young artists to build.

Working with glass as a medium is not entirely limited to blowing glass. Although this is perhaps the best known of the modern glass art disciplines, there are others that must be considered.

Stained glass is a very old art form, which I believe you have seen in many church windows. However, he has taken a completely different and much more modern character now and can often be seen used for bright colors, house windows, and some pure decorative pieces.