A Lower Cost Alternative to Overhead Crane – Gantry Crane

A very popular overhead crane for lifting heavy loads and lower cost gantry cranes is highly recognized. This is considered a substantial alternative to overhead bridge cranes. This type of crane is similar to a bridge crane only with the difference that it runs on the track on the floor or ground level, not on an elevated runway.

The gantry bridge is supported by a pair of hard steel legs that are transported by a pair of tip trucks along the runway. Such cranes can be accessed both indoors and outdoors in a range of 150 feet and a capacity of up to 10 tons. You can get to know more about city cranes in Sydney via searching online.

But, unlike that, not all gantry prices are cheaper than their peers, for example, Crane Bridge. But there are some situations in which this can prove to be very reasonable and efficient:

1. When investors are not interested in placing a large amount in the structure of the crane runway.

2. When there are requirements for material handling equipment for the interior and exterior of your building.

3. When there is a possibility of shifting the workplace and the owner does not want to bear a lot of losses.

Gantry cranes are easily installed and dismantled, either installed or mobile. Gantry is used profitably in various industries. These cranes can be obtained from steel, aluminum or lightweight models along with adjustable heights and spans. Further variations of cranes include containers, overhead, frames, rubber tires, rolling, semi gantry cranes and rail mounts.

Such types of the gantry are classified into two categories: manual and motorized.

• Portable Gantry (manual)

• Adjustable gantry (manual)

• Motor-driven Gantry

Each type has its own benefits which can be easily compared to the benefits offered by bridge cranes. When we talk about manual gantry as part of your material handling equipment solution, we say that the gantry is light, expensive, easy to assemble and dismantle.