A Basic Guide To Craniosacral Therapy in Annapolis

Most of the things we do during the day affect the body’s complex nervous system. Since the nerves and delicate tissues that run in our system are inherently fragile, they are prone to damage both in the short and long term that can lead to physical imbalances.

Craniosacral therapy is a unique type of contact therapy designed to directly stimulate the delicate nerve tissue in the spinal cord, as well as the connective tissue that surrounds most of the human brain, without the need for invasive surgery. For more information on Craniosacral therapy visit One Physical Therapy & Fitness.

To fully understand how this type of therapy works, it is important to understand how the basic elements of the nervous system are connected. Basic anatomy tells us that the spine is connected to the base of the brain. In Annapolis, what some people may not know is that the entire spine is a “tree trunk” of connective tissue, surrounded by a unique type of cerebrospinal fluid.

Just like blood, spinal fluid flows and washes various parts of the brain and the upper part of the spine. You can think of this as your pulse, and Craniosacral Therapy is designed in such a way that direct contact with the patient’s back stimulates the flow of this important substance.

In Annapolis, the most immediate effect most people experience with craniosacral therapy is renewed alertness. While it’s impossible to see it happening, the fresh fluid that soaks the brain makes him wake up and pretend that he just got out of bed after a night’s rest

The philosophical aspects of craniosacral therapy are based on the principles of movement. By encouraging the movement of vital fluids that act as lubricants, the practitioner can promote an extraordinary level of flexibility and freedom of movement.