5 Ways To Lose Weight

Joint and muscle pain. As we age, it becomes more challenging to maintain our flexibility, and this can have a direct impact on our ability to prevent or heal from injury. One of the most effective ways to get relief from sore muscles is to take a warm, relaxing bath using the dead sea salts. The salt is rich in nutrients and can actually improve your circulation, which improves the mobility of your joints.

If you add the Dead Sea salt to your bath water before using your normal foot soak routine, you'll find that it helps to relax your muscles, which helps to ease the soreness associated with inflamed tendons and muscles. By using the bath salt and using the natural essential oil, you can reap the rewards of its healing abilities for a few hours each day. You can then gradually increase the amount of time you spend soaking in the water each day until you find that your pain is reduced significantly.

Migraine headaches. When it comes to migraines, many people simply use an over-the-counter headache medication such as Advil or Tylenol. These types of products claim to reduce the pain associated with this condition. One interesting alternative is to use grey bath salt. Not only is it a natural remedy, but it is also reported to be more effective than other migraine painkillers.

Back, and shoulder pain. During the summer months, back and shoulder pain can be an extremely painful problem. In fact, many people report back and shoulder muscle aches so severely that they cannot go about their everyday activities. In addition, it can be extremely difficult to sleep as the pain can wake you up at night. To eliminate this problem and to improve your sleep quality, try using a steam bath with a few drops of dead sea salt.

Constipation. Most individuals have experienced some type of bowel problem at some point in their lives. For most, this is a result of an improper diet, lack of exercise, or simply a lack of fiber in their daily diet. Most health experts suggest that constipated individuals consume coarse bath salts, since it has properties that will aid in increasing the passage of stool.

Tiredness. This is a fairly common complaint and is often cited as one of the leading causes of stress in today's society. The best way to alleviate tiredness is to take a hot bath with a few drops of Epsom salt in it. Although this may seem like a strange choice for those who favor a diet of regular spa treatments, Epsom salt baths have been known to stimulate the muscles and provide relief to individuals who suffer from migraines.

Cold Sores. Did you know that salt can help you avoid cold sores? You can find this salt in its most basic form, in a container of your choice. If you soak your hands in the water and then rub your fingers along the skin, you can help them dissolve. The salt will actually help the skin cells around the sore cells absorb water and become less firm. However, you should avoid running water over your hands prior to putting your hands into the water, since the heat from the running water could also increase the number of dissolved solids in the hands.