3 Places To Explore London And Make Your Trip Ravishing

London is one of the top cities in Europe offering an eclectic mix of heritage, art, and culture. The town has a lot in store for fans of history but that does not mean it's only for people who are serious-minded! 

There are impressive buildings that stand as a slice of a grand past and a selection of roads is also ideal for newlyweds and young people. The cuisine of the city is also enchanting- to say the least. If you want to explore regarding the London vacationing trip, then search the browser.

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Top 3 places to explore in London for memorable vacation

The museum of London

To get a glimpse into the impressive legacy of London, visit the icon museum thoroughly recommended. The museum has an interesting architectural style and interior will captivate you for sure. 

These trips explore the city from the ancient age to modern times through dazzling exhibits. Entry is free for all and you can take advantage of free travel as well as daily highlights. 

The Royal Botanical Garden

If you are tired of coping with the crowd and concrete buildings in London, head to the beautiful Kew Gardens, also known as the Royal Botanical Garden. 

The garden has a very diverse collection of plant life along with the reputed scientific research centers globally. 

The gorgeous glasshouse as the Palm House and the tropical rainforest will soothe your eyes. 

Buckingham Place

Your London tour will remain incomplete if you do not visit the iconic Buckingham Palace, which is located in central London. 

The official residence of the Queen of England was actually purchased by King George III in 1761 to Queen Charlotte. 

The mammoth palace has been renovated several times and has 774 rooms and some royal event is held every year.