Why You Should Attend a Film Festival

Some film festivals are free so you can enjoy viewing movies which may not be available for viewing otherwise. Award-winning films, which are international, can also be part of the event. These are usually annual events, organized by cultural organizations.

Look at details of previous year film festivals to understand the kind of movies which are screened by the organizing body. This will help you determine whether they are in sync with your taste.

Even if you have watched a few of the films before, you are likely to appreciate the other movies being screened, because they will also belong to the same genre.

A body which is focused on justice can screen films on slavery, and lead a discussion on issues related to freedom. In case you are a law student, this will be of interest to you.

Search online for organizations in your area which hold film festivals. Sign up for their email newsletters to stay informed about dates and venue details. You can go to these events with your friends, family, or colleagues, and expose them to new movies.

Some film festivals specialize in short films. Others focus on a different theme every year, such as Asian cinema, horror, or a famous director’s work. Often there is a competitive category, which celebrity judges from the field of cinema to evaluate them and award prizes.

Watching a film on the big screen is a different experience from watching it on television, or on your laptop. The atmosphere at events of this nature is often festive, and you can enjoy spotting celebrities watching movies too.

You may have to stand in lines to enter, so you should try to reach the venue before the time of the screening. Attending a film festival will be a memorable experience.

You can consider attending a film festival which has a particular theme, to enhance your knowledge about the sector. The Forum on Law, Culture, and Society at Fordham Law School organizes the Forum Film Festival every year, where six law-related films are screened free of cost.